New AISINDO President

Dear AIM Colleagues,

AIS Officer Association of Indonesia (AISINDO) has already conduct the 2nd national assembly last month, Mr. Agustono Edy Soetasman was elected for the President of AISINDO for the periode of 2010 - 2013 and Mrs Lely Munajah for the new General Secretary.
Mr President works for International NOTAM Office of Indonesia and Mrs General Secretary is an assistant manager of AIS & Comm at ANSP PT Angkasa Pura 1. Hope the duet the two of them will bring AIM community in Indonesia be more brighter future, Amien.


New Blog for IFAIMA

From now on, stop posting to this blog.
New one is already created.
Sign in to it.
We keep this one, just for History purposes.

Go to the new one, press here...

On behalf of the Implementation Commission


Voting for Logo

Dear all,

We decided to send an e-mail to every participant of the meetings in Singapore. This e-mail contains the logos for voting.
We beg each and everyone of you, to answer within one week from the time you receive such e-mail.
We will then, publish the final results on the Logo voting.
If you have been in Singapore and did not receive the e-mail, please let us know to (ifaima@gmail.com).
Best regards.

Fernando Lopes

Registration of the Federation

Dear all,

About the registration, I inform you that we tried to do it in Singapore but we couldn't.
Now we are checking with the Portuguese authorities in order to do it in Portugal, or maybe in some other country.
We will consider prices and other subjects like the possibility to register on a country that accepts to register the Convention, Constitution and By-Laws in English speaking language, because, as you know, the document text is in English.
We will keep you informed of events.
Meanwhile, you can see the document, wich is now available on our blog left column and see some pictures below.
Best regards.

Jorge Dias on behalf of Fernando Lopes


Moving forward

Hi all,
This next couple of days, we plan to insert Convention and By-Laws (PDF), list of persons who signed the convention, list of persons and countries on the Implementation Comission, pictures from the meetings in Singapore, news on the registration of the Federation, etc.
Also I'm trying with Allam to arrange everything so that we can change the URL address of this blog to ifaima.blogspot.com, this would be the perfect address for this blog.
As soon as this is all fixed, we plan to send e-mail to everybody who is registerd on this blog notifying them of the new and definitive URL address of the blog.
After all this, it's time to spread the word around the world and for that, we are counting on the Implementation Comission but also, each and everyone of us, can play an important part on it.
As for the logo, I'm sorry if I caused some confusion, but as I said before, I just wanted to make a less darker logo, maintaining the directives of what was decided in Singapore (merging of the two logos), nothing more. I just took away the dark blue background and kept the font on the name (Times New Roman), if we plan to make a stamp or seal with it, it would make it a more clear seal.
Best regards

Jorge Dias